Competition Rules

The event is organised under the following rules and guidelines:

  • Procedures and Obligations for the organisation of CMAS Competitions & Championships World-Zone-Continental World Cup Version 2014/01  BOD 185 25/01/2014
  • WADA 2015 version
  • CMAS Rules Of Discipline Version 2010
  • CMAS International Rules for Underwater Hockey. Tenth Edition


National Federation Teams are invited to professional essay editor participate at this European Championships if they are affiliated to CMAS. Each National team must comply with the Championship Rules, Safety Requirements set by the Organizers and all other CMAS Rules and Regulations, including the buy valium overnight
possession of valid CMAS sport licenses.

Tournament Divisions

Each national federation can enter chiefessays online essay proofreader up to 2 women and 2 men teams. The divisions are as follows:

Men Women Age Cut Off
Elite Elite
Master (35 and over) Master (32 and over) as at 21st August 2017

All athletes, referees and team officials must possess a valid CMAS license.

Player Selection and Replacement

Teams are limited to 12 players and must be selected before the online registration of the team and player until the 30th June 2017.  Players may be replaced between the 30th June 2017 and tournament registration on medical grounds only.  This provision is to limit the increased workload on volunteer organisers that swapping players.

Playing Cap and Swimsuit approvals

These requests must be submitted to the Tournament Director by email before 30th April 2017 to Please use Cap and Swimsuit Approval Request in your email request subject line.

As per Clause 11.2.1 All players of a team must wear identical bathing attire (suit and/or rash vest and/or shirt), which may have an imprint of their flag or country. Each team must have two sets of identical bathing attire, one light in colour (when the team is using white sticks) and one dark in colour (when the team is using black sticks), and both sets need Tournament Director approval prior to arrival at the competition.

Light Colours:  White, Yellow, Light Blue, Light Grey, Orange.

Dark Colours: Black, Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Grey, Brown, Green, Red

Cap Numbers:  To assist referees, cap numbers are limited to numbers between 1 and 15.

European Championship Puck

The Championship Puck will be the SIMS puck from Great Britain as assessed in 2013


Tournament Officials

Tournament Director: Nathan Peall
Tournament Referee: Nick Horncastle
Assistant Tournament Referees: To be appointed
Tournament Jury: Appointed once referees attending is confirmed. Number of members as according to CMAS Rules
Grading of Referees: This will be undertaken by no less than 5 Senior International Referees from separate federations by peer review.


The tournament needs 24 suitable water referees to successfully officiate 2 matches at once.

All Referees must pass the referee in water beep test in Eger, at the start of the tournament to be graded as Level 1, 2 or 3.

Referee Accommodation

Full board for the referees staying at the referee accommodation will be provided.  If Referees chose to stay with their teams they will have their boarding covered by their own team.

CMAS Registration

A team registration form must be submitted via email to CMAS Headquarters to  and to the Organising Committee to

CMAS Licences

All officials, coaches, athletes, referees, medical staff etc. are required to have their valid CMAS licences in order to be able to enter with their teams to the competition area.

CMAS licences can be checked and obtained by logging on to the CMAS Website located at this website.